NSF Funded Research Equipment

Equipment Name : Texture Analyzer
Equipment Description : Texture Analyzer, Range 2-50000g supplied with Fixture Base table, Standard probe kit, Software (Texture Pro CT), Bubble level, Optional RTD temperature probe, Spreadability Cones, Junior multiple probe assembly, Warner Bratzler Shear Blade set, Three point test fixture, Sliding Friction Jig, AACC spec probe for measuring bread firmness, Junior three point bend, Rotary base table, Dough extensibilty fixture for holding sheet of raw dough, Magness-Taylor Probes Puncture test, Confectionary Fixture for holding candles, Noodle Tensile Fixture to evaluate noodle, Dual Extrusion cell and Texture analyzer probe for pharmaceutical tablet testing
Grant Year : 2015
Institute : University of Sri Jayewardenepura
Institute Section : Department of Food Sciences & Technology
Contact Name : Dr R A U J Marapana
Contact Email : umarapana@sci.sjp.ac.lk
Contact Phone :

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