NSF Funded Research Equipment

Equipment Name : Powder X-Ray Diffractometer
Equipment Description : Ultima 1V Podwer X-Ray Diffractometer, Rigaku, Japan with Rigaku PDXL data processing software, Qualitative analysis software, PDXL Comprehensive software, ICDD PDF2 Full latest File, HP i5 Pro Desk 400 G3 MT Computer, HP LCD Monitor V193b, HP Laser Colour Printer, UPS MUST 650V A, Chiller TCA2KCA-D, UPS Techfine online 20kVA WITH Battery Backup, Isolation Transformer Techfine, Si NIST Traceable Standard, Sample preparation acessories and Spare parts for 2 year operation
Grant Year : 2015
Institute : University of Sri Jayewardenepura
Institute Section : Department of Chemistry
Contact Name : Dr Nilwala Kottegoda
Contact Email : nilwala@sjp.ac.lk
Contact Phone :

National Science Foundation